Service Program for Older People

Board of Directors

Patricia A. Caldwell

Jeffrey N. Nichols, MD
Vice President 

Deborah Bennett

Delia Tucker, MPA

Lois F. Akner, LCSW
Joseph T. Amodeo, MPA, MA
Meaghan L. Atkinson, Esq.
Qasim M Choudry, CISA
Jodi Erlandsen, Esq.
Warachal Eileen Faison, MD
Tesha Gary
James T. Holmes, LCSW
Eunice Hong, MPA
Saee Joshi, CFA
Carolyn K. McCandless
Dennis McGettigan
Shekera Shahid, Esq.
Jason Yeager

Nancy Harvey, LMSW
Chief Executive Officer


June is PRIDE month!

Click here to learn about PRIDE events in New York City – and join with SPOP and SAGE in making New York age-friendly and LGBTQ-friendly.


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