Service Program for Older People

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Whom does SPOP serve?

SPOP serves adults over age 55.

Where are services offered?

SPOP operates a Mental Health Clinic and PROS – Personalized Recovery Oriented Services program on Manhattan’s Upper West Side and at designated senior facilities in Manhattan. The Clinic also offers treatment in the home for those who are homebound.

The SPOP Bereavement Support Program offers group and one-on-one support to older adults who have lost a loved one.

What if I don’t speak English?

SPOP offers counseling in English, Spanish, French, and Mandarin.

When is psychotherapy appropriate?

Psychotherapy helps people with a broad range of problems and severity, from feeling depressed or anxious to having difficulty adjusting to age-related issues. If you are unsure or are considering therapy, the first step is to call 212-787-7120 x514 and speak with an intake worker.

I think I need help adjusting to the loss of a loved one.  What can I do?

SPOP offers free bereavement support  for those who have recently lost a spouse, partner or loved one. Please call 212-787-7120 x506 to learn more.

What insurance does SPOP accept?

SPOP accepts Medicare, Medicaid, private supplemental insurance, and participates in many insurance networks. Please call 212-787-7120 x514 to learn if we are included in your plan.

Does SPOP provide case management or arrange for concrete services?

Individuals who are receiving mental health counseling at SPOP can receive assistance with concrete services. Where appropriate, a SPOP social worker will link you to an organization that specializes in case management.

What is the PROS Program?

The PROS – Personalized Recovery Oriented Services program serves those with a history of mental illness. PROS at SPOP offers an extensive schedule of classes and programs designed to help adults achieve fulfilling and independent lives.

What is the catchment area?

SPOP serves adults throughout Manhattan.

How do I learn more?

Please call 212-787-7120 x514 to speak directly with member of the SPOP staff.

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