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SPOP continues to participate in the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and New York State Office of Mental Health Continuous Quality Improvement initiatives (CQI). As in past years, the City and State emphasize integrating medical care with behavioral health goals. For the Clinic and Outreach services the current State CQI Project focuses on “Reducing Use of Anti-Psychotics with High or Moderate Risk of Metabolic Side Effects for Individuals with Cardio-Metabolic Risk Factors.” Selection of a CQI project is based upon input from all stakeholders, including SPOP administration, staff, Board members and clients.  The city and state agencies that oversee mental health services consider SPOP’s focus area to be a high-priority issue.

In the Clinic and Outreach programs, the focus is on making medication usage safe and optimal. First, we identify the clients who are most at risk for heart problems, diabetes, and other cardiovascular diseases. There are four anti-psychotic medications that are known to worsen these conditions. For high risk clients who are also taking one of these four medications, we review their medications on a periodic basis. We work with them either to decrease the medication dosage or to gradually change to an alternative, less risky medication.

In addition, we are conducting periodic medication reviews for those clients who are using four or more psychotropic or other types of medications. To help our clients address their mental health needs without exposing them to the undue risk of increased side-effects, we have been working with clients to develop a more sustainable approach with their medications. This is achieved by improving clients’ psychosocial interventions and by monitoring medication dosage and usage duration. SPOP measures improvements in performance by tracking performance indicators, such as types of services and outcomes.

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