Service Program for Older People

For the Caregiver: SPOPCares

SPOPCares was developed to address emotional and behavioral health needs associated with caregiver distress.  

If you help take care of another person, chances are that you have experienced stress, anxiety, or other behavioral health issues.  At SPOP we have learned that:

  • caregivers might neglect their own needs or put themselves last;
  • caregiving stress can contribute to declining physical and emotional health;
  • feelings of sadness, helplessness, anxiety, and anger are not uncommon; and
  • professional counseling can benefit both the caregiver and care recipient.

SPOPCares is the only program in the region entirely dedicated to supporting the emotional well-being and behavioral health of caregivers age 55 and over.

SPOPCares provides individual and group therapy to address the complex emotions that caregivers often experience.

SPOPCares offers specialized workshops on caregiver distress, self care, and advocacy.

SPOPCares provides services at designated senior centers throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn and at the SPOP clinic.

SPOPCares is exclusively for adults age 55 and older.

To learn more please click here or call 212-787-7120 x514.


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