Service Program for Older People

PROS – Personalized Recovery Oriented Services

SPOP is home to New York State’s only PROS program exclusively for adults 55 and older with severe mental illness.

PROS is designed to promote:

  • Recovery and rehabilitation
  • Health and wellness
  • Achievement of life goals
  • Independent living and integration into the community

The program includes:

  • Identification and work toward individual goals
  • An extensive schedule of classes and programs designed to help adults achieve fulfilling and independent lives
  • Life skills training
  • Support to encourage connections with family and friends
  • Therapy and medication management
  • Nutritious meals and snacks

Hours: Monday-Friday 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m

The program is located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and is licensed by the New York State Office of Mental Health.

For more information or to make a referral, please click here or call (212) 787-7120 ext. 514.

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